Regulador Oceanic Alpha 10


The Alpha 10 packs an advanced air delivery system into a tough and compact design. Its completed redesigned pneumatically balanced second stage dramatically reduces resistance, resulting in truly effortless breathing.

A great value regulator with no compromises on capability.


ALPHA 10 Available in Black & Neon

  • Valve Type: Pneumatically balanced demand
  • Mouthpiece Type: Orthodontic w/ Bite Tabs
  • Nitrox Compatibility: Standard to 40%
  • Swivel Adapter: Optional
  • Dimensions (Front Profile): 2.66 inch diameter (circular)
  • Warranty: Lifetime & Free Parts for Life
  • Service Interval: 2 Year, Required


CDX & SPX Available in DIN & Yoke

  • Valve Type: cDX Balanced diaphragm, SPX Piston
  • Primary Material:  Machined, triple chrome marine brass
  • Angled Ports: For ideal hose routing
  • Pressure Ports: LP (4), HP (2)
  • Work of Breathing: 1.23 Joules
  • Nitrox Compatibility: Standard to 40%
  • Environmental Protection:  cDX Yes, sPX No


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