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7 reasons why you should dive

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Why do I need to dive? Good question. DIVE LIFE we do not want to convince you of anything, but we warn, diving is one of the most incredible experiences that exist. Today we are going to give you some reasons why we think you should go scuba diving. Let’s go there!

  1. Explore a world that many will never see: if 70% of the earth is covered in water, if your challenge and goal is to see the world and travel, yes or yes you will need to dive, otherwise you will see less 30% of reality. Your vacation will never be the same.
  1. The closest to experiencing weightlessness: We know that going to the moon is almost impossible nowadays, but diving undoubtedly allows you to feel the sensation of zero gravity, as if you were an astronaut navigating in space. But if you really want to have that wonderful experience, you can do it under the sea, a place where you can see the true sensation of flying.
  2. You will see unimaginable creatures: at the precise moment in which you immerse yourself, you will access a fascinating universe full of biodiversity, animals you have never dreamed of, brilliant corals and invertebrate creatures full of life. Each dive will be different, and you never ever really know what you are going to find.
  3. You will make new friends: this activity is a very social sport that will allow you to meet people from other cultures with whom you can share the same love for scuba diving, exchange moments and experiences. You will find people with the same tastes and concerns. And it is that diving strengthens relationships with others and fosters camaraderie and social integration.
  1. You exercise body and mind: if you have already seen that your mind and your senses relax, and the stress disappears, the body also gets in shape when you dive. In addition to improving coordination, space orientation and psychomotor skills. But not only that, your muscles are also toned and strengthened when diving.
  2. You will feel better about yourself: underwater the worries are diluted. The stress suddenly melts away and your senses focus only on enjoying and experiencing sensations. And not only that, you will feel better about yourself, it will improve your self-esteem and confidence.
  3. You will appreciate nature even more: if you were aware of environmental problems before, now you will be even more so. When you dive, you feel the need to protect the sea like never before, with each dive you will love more the sea and the marine ecosystem above all else. until next time!

Open water course for you with DIVE LIFE

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Join our exclusive family of professional Dive Life divers and access this amazing LIMITED OFFER today to enter and certify in the OPEN WATER COURSE … What will you acquire in this sensational OPEN WATER course taught by DIVE LIFE?
  • Official PADI certification in just 2 days.
  • 6 dives in the sea (usually 4).
  • Orientation, support and permanent guidance.
  • 100% professional and personalized attention.
  • Flexible schedules.
  • Absolute security.
  • Constant commitment.
  • Rent of diving equipment.
As one of the first 5-star dive centers and Instructor Development center in Mexico, with more than 18 years of experience, various branches in the Republic and on-site pools for your comfort and highly trained professionals by our PADI Course Director , we have the whole environment so that as of today you can be certified as OPEN WATER in an unforgettable way and at your own pace.

Como evitar que tus gafas se empañen? Aqui algunos tips…

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Vamos a ofrecer algunos remedios para evitar que las gafas de buceo de empañen. Algo muy molesto que puede acabar con nuestra inmersión. Estos son algunos consejos para evitar que las gafas se empañen pero no son los únicos, pueden aportar sus ideas!

Si tus gafas son nuevas, debes limpiarlas antes de tu primera inmersión. El cristal nuevo trae protección y es habitual que durante los primeros días te puedan dar problemas y se empañen con facilidad.

Para prevenir que tus gafas se empañenpuedes usar uno de estos dos remedios en casa.

El fuego es otro remedio que se usa para evitar que las gafas se empañen. Hay que ir con cuidado, y basta con hacerlo una vez. Debes apuntar la llama de un mechero o una vela hacia el cristal y quemarlo hasta que quede de color negro, luego puedes limpiarlo y listo! Cuidado, no apliques fuego en gafas de plástico, y evita que las gafas se calienten demasiado.

La pasta de dientes es otro remedio muy usado. Aplica la pasta con las gafas nuevas por dentro y por fuera y frota suavemente para no rayar el cristal.

Después de estos dos remedios básicos para prevenir vamos con los consejos usados antes de bucear para evitar el vaho en las gafas de buceo.

Usar patatas para evitar el empaño de las gafas. Parece ridículo pero es verdad, frota unos trozos de patata pelada por encima del cristal, tanto interior como exterior, frotando suavemente para evitar que el cristal se pueda rayar y al agua!

Escupir, el remedio que todos conocerán. Justo antes de entrar el el agua, escupe encima de la máscara y frota suavemente, la saliva evita que las gafas se empañen, pero debes evitar que la saliva se seque.

El champú de bebé puede ser otro remedio útil. Se trata de aplicar jabón, aconsejamos el de bebé ya que no es irritante y su olor es agradable. Puedes llevarlo en un pote disuelto con agua y aplicar unas gotas encima del cristal antes de entrar en el agua.

Utilizar productos antivaho. Para los que no les convencen los remedios tradicionales, existen productos específicos para aplicar a las gafas de buceo que también suelen funcionar bien. Para su uso, es tan simple como aplicar el producto encima del cristal.