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Mexico is an exceptional country. Due to its history and culture, but also thanks to its geographical position between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Mexico has beautiful rainforests, deep Cenotes and an exceptional density of underwater fauna. Few know it, but southeastern Mexico is the second largest barrier reef in the world. The coast of Mexico offers the opportunity to dive in some of the best dive sites in the world. Mexico has many exceptional dive sites.

Where to dive in Mexico?

There are two main diving areas in Mexico: The Caribbean and especially Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Cozumel and the famous Cancun with its unique underwater museum, MUSA.
Baja California or the Lower Pacific Ocean side known as the world’s largest aquarium said Jacques Cousteau.

Where to dive in Mexico?

The Yucatan Peninsula
Located in southeastern Mexico, this region is incredibly rich. There is an abundant rainforest and magnificent limestone formations, as well as cenotes, large natural wells carved into the rock. These cavities that contain hundreds of translucent freshwater wells can be explored by diving. Divers who have had the opportunity to explore that part of the planet will tell you that it is simply a magical experience. Prepare to see landscapes from another world, incredible lighting effects and even underwater rivers under the sea. The most famous cenote is Dos Ojos. Its cave system is the largest in the world. Other cenotes are also very popular like “The Pit”, Angelita and Chac Mol. The Yucatan region not only offers cave diving, but also offers the opportunity to do a great dive in the ocean, including the second largest barrier reef in the world.

Diving in Playa del Carmen
This small fishing village has become an important seaside resort. A cargo port for the neighboring island of Cozumel, Playa del Carmen has more than fifteen magnificent diving points that adapt to both beginner divers and experienced divers. Underwater photographers will also discover many photographic subjects with a beautiful palette of coral fish, sea turtles, and during good seasons also bulldog sharks and whale sharks. Do not miss the dive sites of Punta Venado, Los Arcos and the wreck of Mama Viña.

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