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Dos Ojos With Dive Life

By January 13, 2020Uncategorized

With Dive Life live unforgettable moments in Dos Ojos
In the park of Dos Ojos, there are five cenotes open to the public so you can admire and appreciate the nature of the region.

Dos Ojos is a system of flooded caves located north of Tulum. Some of these caverns and water outlets are located inside the Ejido Jacinto Pat. The studied extension of the cave system is 82 kilometers and there are 28 well entries known as cenotes.

The flora and fauna are abundant in the Park, the path that leads from the entrance to the various Cenotes are accompanied by delicate and colorful butterflies, birds and wild animals.

We invite you to know and fall in love with each one of these wonderful and spectacular places created by nature through millions of years with Dive Life

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