PADI ReActivate


So, you haven’t been diving for a while? Don’t worry, you might need to refresh the skills and knowledge you gained during you Open Water Diver course, but then you’ll be ready to go!

At Dive Life, we recommend the PADI Reactivate to all divers who haven’t been diving for six months. However, it depends on many factors, including your current certification level, the date of your last dive and how many dives you have under your belt. These factors determine how thorough the PADI Reactivate will be for you.

One option is to do a simple check dive together with you to observe how confident you are in the water. At Dive Life we reserve the right to perform this check dive with you before we go do more fun dives. This includes the four mandatory skills in the PADI Reactivate program and any other skill that you feel you need to go over, in calm and easy conditions close to shore. It will normally be concluded in 15-20min, and the rest of the dive you continue as if it was a normal fun dive.

The other option is to complete the full PADI Reactivate program to allow you to regain the knowledge and skills that you need before we as a professional dive center can feel safe enough to bring you along on our dive trips. Divers who complete both the knowledge and in-water skill refresher have the option of receiving a replacement certification card with a “ReActivated thru” date on it.

You will complete the Reactivate course with one of Dive Life’ passionate certified Instructors or Divemasters who will make this a genuinely fun and safe experience tailored for your needs and special requests.

It is possible to do the theory part online via PADI’s eLearning portal to save precious vacation time: insert special Dive Life link

Price: The full Reactivate, USD 50 – includes all you need to complete the program; all equipment needed, theory session and pool session |

If you need just a quick review (not the pool and theory) USD 10 extra.

  • Minimum age: 10
  • Certified diver (any recognised agency)


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