PADI Open Water Diver


Duration: 3-4 Days

The PADI Open Water Course is the most popular beginner level scuba diving course and is your gateway to begin breathing under water and exploring this amazing place for yourself.

The course teaches you everything you need to know about diving safely, the equipment you need for diving, planning dives and how to have an unlimited amount of fun!

The course not only opens the way for you to discover the underwater environment, but and can lead you into a whole new world of adventure and maybe even into a new way of living your life – we all started with the Open Water Course!

The Open Water Course is the first step of the ladder to a whole world of possibilities, including the Adventure Diver and Advanced Open Water Course and also serves as the entry level for making diving a career.

Upon completion of the course you will receive a certification to dive anywhere in the world with a certified buddy independently from a professional, to a recommended depth no deeper than 18m (12m for 10 & 11 year old). You can now join daily diving trips from locations all over the world.

The course is made up of 5 theory sessions of self-study, 5 dive skill sessions in confined water to practice skills (normally in a pool) and 4 open water dives from the boat where you will practice your skills in the ocean and for the first-time experience what the amazing underwater world has to offer. You will also be asked to complete water skills to check your fitness in the water, including a 10-minute float and a 200m/200yd swim.

You should expect to use approx. 20-25 hours in total in 2 to 3 days. This includes reading, understanding and going over the theory and all the exercises you must complete in the five dives as well as the fitness tests.

It is possible to do the theory online via PADI’s eLearning portal: insert special Dive Life link

eLearning Option (At home in your own time)
Learning to scuba dive has never been more convenient!

This is quick and easy with only small classes (4 students per instructor). You will maximise your learning while giving you great flexibility.

Designed with the busy diver in mind, eLearning option is all about convenience – the opportunity to begin and continue diver education beginning on the internet and continuing through PADI Dive Centers and Resorts. Through an interactive web-based program new students will read, hear and see the same material other student divers receive from interacting with the PADI Open Water Diver manual and Video or Multimedia Simply sign up online and begin your eLearning (it takes 8-10 hours to complete this program online). Book the days you would like to do your in-water sessions then complete your elearning theory online. Your in water training is reduced to 2 days because we have no more than 4 students for each of our instructors, eliminating waiting time like in standard groups of 8 or more! You will then be a diver, ready to enjoy this fantastic sport.
The option is available to receive the paper manual to us in conjunction with your eLearning for just an extra $50

The itinerary for the eLearning course is:

Day 1 8:30am to 5:30pm Confined Water Session 1-5 & Open Water Dive 1
Day 2 8:15am to 3:00pm Open Water Dives 2, 3 & 4

Traditional Option (manual, DVD and Class room)

 Sign up on line and come in or have us post out your theory work (Manual & DVD). You watch the DVD and read the manual in your own time. After that you need to come in and do a days theory.

Finally your in-water training is completed in just 2 more days. This is reduced to 2 days because we have no more than 4 students for each of our instructors, eliminating time waiting in groups of 8 or more. You will then be a diver, ready to enjoy this fantastic sport.
The itinerary for the Traditional course is:
Day 1 10:30am to 3:30pm Theory Session
Day 2 8:30am to 5:30pm Pool Session 1-5 & Open Water Dive 1
Day 3 8:15am to 3:00pm Open Water Dives 2, 3 & 4

Please note: You must wait 18 hours after diving before flying so you cannot fly until 9 am the day after the course ends.

Prerequisites for learning to dive

Additional requirements for children 10-11 years old:

In addition to the forms listed above, each participant and their legal guardian must read and provide a signed copy of the


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