PADI Advanced Open Water Diver


Upon completion of the Advanced Open Water Diver certification with Dive Life you will be able to go deeper (30m) and do more challenging dives both safely and with confidence.

The course opens a whole new world that allows you to explore more of the amazing experiences that awaits you below the surface, and is also excellent for sharpening your skills and gaining more self-confidence in the water so that you can enjoy your diving experiences even more.

To gain the PADI Advanced Open Water certification you need to complete five Adventure Dives and their corresponding in-water exercises and theory parts together with Dive Life. Two of these Adventure dives are requirements from PADI – these are the Deep Adventure Dive and the Underwater Navigation Adventure Dive. The other three are optional dives that you can choose depending on your personal interests and with advice from us at Dive Life – they could be Peak Performance Buoyancy, Aware Fish ID, Underwater Naturalist, Drift Diver, Wreck Diver, Search and Recovery, Night Diver, Enriched Air NITROX Diver, Cavern Diver, and more. For the latter three options, there is a small extra fee, so please let us know exactly which Adventure Dives you would like to do with us.

Your choice of Adventure Dives count towards any specialty certification you might want to do in the future, so pick you Adventure Dive carefully. For example, if you chose Cavern Diver as your Adventure Dive you would only need three not four more dives to complete you Cavern Diver Specialty course and to be certified to independently with a buddy venture into caverns. The price to do the specialty would therefore be less.

There is an e-manual included in the PADI Advanced Open Water course with a chapter for almost all of our available Adventure Dives. But don’t worry, there are no videos and no tests. To complete this certification, you must fill the Knowledge Review at the end of each chapter for the dives you are taking part in. Your instructor will then discuss the knowledge review section with you to make sure you understand the theory and help you out if there is something you do not quite get.

You should expect to use approx. 20-25 hours in total in 2 to 3 days. This includes reading, understanding and going over the theory and all the exercises you must complete in the five dives.

It is possible to do the theory part online via PADI’s eLearning portal to save precious vacation time: insert special Dive Life link

Pre-requisites: Open Water Diver, at least 10 years old

Price: USD 365,00 – includes everything you need to complete the course; material, all equipment needed, theory sessions, pool sessions and open water dives

PADI Certification fee is not included and comes at a cost of USD 40,00.


$ 275

per personA limited certification that can be upgraded in the future


$ 420

per personOur best value diving course with a full certification

DeluxeMost Popular

$ 470

per personOur most popular option – immediate, modern and fun


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